To preserve the dignity, promote the well-being and to improve the quality of life of the International Community of York County giving internationals and immigrants the tools to become independent, productive members of society at large.

Over the past decade, York County has experienced an incredible influx of people from many different countries with the majority of them being Spanish speaking.

With the population of non-English speaking people growing at such a fast pace, the language barrier became an obvious obstacle for them to be able to obtain even basic services.

History of ICYC

In August of 2000, The City of Rock Hill initiated the Hispanic Task Force of York County bringing together the major service providers of our county. The undisputed conclusion of the Hispanic Task Force was York County needed a non-profit agency that would offer assistance to our non-English speaking population and to our agencies that are serving them. It was agreed upon that the goal of the agency would be to identify areas of our county that needed improving concerning our non-English speaking population.

Located in The Rock Hill School District’s Family Resource Center, the non-profit organization called International Center of York County (ICYC) officially opened and received its non-profit status in 2003. Since forming, we have been able to support more than 700 international residents from within the community.

Our success in helping those members of the community depends on our workforce of dedicated volunteers and other non-profit organizations from within the community.